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Sex Work and HIV: The Effects of Criminalization  

Sex workers have long faced the stigma of being seen, and treated, as vectors of disease, with horrendous repercussions on the health and safety of the community. Approaches to sex work, and to HIV, have more often than not put people who trade sex at higher risk of HIV transmission, and created barriers to care. In this webinar, participants will better understand the barriers and challenges faced by people who trade sex, including the impact of overlapping areas of criminalization, and begin to explore how de-stigmatization and de-criminalization of both sex work and HIV can have long-lasting and significant improvements on health and wellness for marginalized communities.

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August 10, 2021
12 PM – 60 Minutes

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September Webinar: “What If’s” of modernizing the criminal code around HIV in Ohio

Archived Educational Webinars

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Evidence, Dialogue, Action: A framework for strengthening faith’s HIV response

Stigma didn’t just arrive yesterday, and it won’t just go away today or even tomorrow. It requires sustained engagement. 

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Words and pictures matter. We discussed coverage of HIV in the media and how it can perpetuate stereotypes and stigma, including findings from the Michigan Stigma Index.

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With 32 states having HIV Criminalization Laws, where are the women’s voices in this discussion? Women and their bodies endure challenges of independence and choice in this current climate. 
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A discussion on race and how HIV criminalization affects communities of color. Racial inequity, particularly anti-black racism creates disparities in communities across America. 

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A presentation on Ohio’s modernization toolkit. What we are asking for and how we propose the legislature looks at HIV criminalization. We advocate for evidence based laws that do not stigmatize people living with HIV. 

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A discussion designed to educate and train attorneys to competently represent people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) who are at heightened risk of arrest due to their HIV status.
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Fear, loss, stigma, and courageous first responders – these are all things held in common by the AIDS pandemic and in our current age of coronavirus. 

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A discussion about what people living with HIV and their caseworkers need to know about Ohio’s current HIV criminalization laws.



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