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Community Ambassador


Join our team and help change unjust laws!

Laws are changed By People Like YOU.

YOU can help us make history in Ohio

Join Our Movement, Help Spread the Word and Save Lives!

    Ambassadors already at work. Join them!

    As a volunteer Social Media Ambassador, you help us spread the word about our work by reposting and sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

    You do not have to have accounts on ALL of them. We just need you to be consistent with at least one of them.

    You can expect to receive content at least once a week. You are welcome to generate content, but we would like you to discuss it with us first. 

    As a volunteer Community Ambassador, you help us bring our work to your community to educate and raise awareness. 

    We have all the materials we need, your role will be introducing us to key people in your community that need to be educated about Ohio’s outdated HIV Laws and why they have to be modernized. 

    We are looking for introductions to people like prosecutors, police departments, churches, etc. We welcome webinar ideas too!