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Our mission is to mobilize a broad coalition, including individuals and communities who are disproportionately impacted by HIV, to replace fear-based, stigmatizing laws that criminalize HIV-status with evidence-based,
nondiscriminatory laws that protect public health.

Why this Matters

Currently Ohio’s laws around HIV are not based in modern scientific research and are out dated being written 20 years ago. The current laws do not promote public health and work against current public health initiatives. Lastly these laws promote a unhealthy and problematic stigma to the individuals living with HIV in Ohio.

What Do the
Current Laws Say?

Knowing what HIV Criminalization is and how Ohio has applied law to the subject of HIV is a critical first step in understanding the dire need for these laws be modernized and brought up to date with modern science.

 • Ohio’s six HIV criminalization laws do not require actual transmission to take place and they criminalize behavior that poses no risk of transmission.

• In Ohio, HIV is most centrally criminalized in the felonious assault statute, a conviction under which could result in an 8-year prison sentence

• Ohio’s HIV criminalization laws are outdated, overly-broad, and they are often disproportionately enforced in disadvantaged populations with prosecution and severe penalties

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